About This Project

ApartmentsHQ, is an apartment-finding website owned by Forum Communications Co., and which gives those looking to rent an apartment or home anywhere in the Upper Midwest a powerful tool to make the task easier. ApartmentsHQ does the work of aggregating rental listings for consumers, making it a one-stop shopping site for home and apartment rentals in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. The site offers convenient location-based searches, all defined by the user, so that the results, including more maps, are more meaningful and reduce the amount of time consumers spend searching for just the right new residence.


Looking for apartments in a specific neighborhood? Or one that accepts pets? Or one that caters exclusively to seniors? ApartmentsHQ can help consumers find exactly the one that has all the amenities they’re looking for and fits into their price range. And the site is optimized to display accordingly on the various screen sizes of all mobile devices so that consumers can access the information whenever, wherever it is convenient to them.


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